Student opportunities

Middle/High School Students

SemTem has access to a large collection of scientific equipment, and we want to benefit local students by providing opportunities for students to encounter advanced equipment and receive hands-on learning of scientific principles. We are currently working with the Howard County Public School System to offer sponsored labs for science classes by loaning out equipment to schools in the county. Our goal is to reach farther and offer opportunities for students in Baltimore-metro area. We have begun a pilot project at River Hill High School, and information about this will appear in the announcements section. Also, be sure to check out our LinkedIn:


College/University Students


SemTem is now  offering internships to college/university students. Students taking part in this internship will be exposed to electron microscope technology and will have the opportunity to receive hands-on learning with scopes. The main role of students will be disassembly, documentation, and analysis of the circuitry of the microscope control system. Then students will be involved in replicating the control system using modern computers, and perhaps involved in programming/creation of new software. This internship is exploratory in the sense that the research is a new topic, and the mentors will be learning alongside the students. The educational plan will consist of introductory basic training on electron microscope principles and then continuing hands-on learning with older scope systems, including a JEOL JSM-6300F and 5410. The link to the application can be found below. This internship is also posted on the University of Maryland Careers4Terps and Careers4Engineers sites.